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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's competitions! The winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as people's choice are as follows:

Cake Decorating:
1st Place - Leah Long-Edwards
2nd Place - Marjorie Conwell
3rd Place - Bridgett Elliot-Kramer
People's Choice - Leah Long-Edwards

1st place - Hattie Dobrinski
2nd place - Sarah Warder
3rd place - Paisley Zastrow
People's Choice - Hattie Dobrinski

Floral Arrangements - Fresh:
1st Place - Carlos Sandoval
2nd Place - Morgan Butt
3rd Place - Mary Noskin
People's Choice - Morgan Butt

1st Place - Lemonia Marmaras
People's Choice - Lemonia Marmaras

Photography - "Pets Dressed as Livestock":
1st Place - Amanda Wang and "Clayton"
2nd Place - Mary Catey and "Zari"
3rd Place - Caley Romero and "Pink"
People's Choice - Sarah Vogt and "Max"

Cake Decorating

Enter cake decorating competition

Floral Arrangements- Fresh

nmsf floral arrangements fresh

Photography- Pets dressed as livestock animals

nmsf photography pets dressed as livestock animals

Cookie Decorating:
1st Place - Kathleen Sacoman
2nd Place - Trisha Ray
3rd Place - Kellie Watcher
People's Choice - Kathleen Sacoman

1st Place - Paisley Zastrow
2nd Place - Xavier Baca
3rd Place - Saif Siraj
People's Choice - Paisley Zastrow

Floral Arrangements - Dried:
1st Place - Karen Converse
2nd Place - Patricia Tapia
3rd Place - Morgan Butt
People's Choice - Karen Converse

1st Place - Ruby Reyes
People's Choice - Ruby Reyes

People's Choice - Dolores Cano

2021 Poster Design:
1st Place: Jeanine Gardner

Cookie Decorating

NMSF Cookie Decorating Contest

Floral Arrangements- Dried

NMSF Floral arrangements dried

Sidewalk Chalk Contest

NMSF Sidewalk Chalk Contest

1st Place - Kimberly Rogulich
2nd Place - Debbie Rogulich
3rd Place - Crystal Chavez
People's Choice - Crystal Chavez

1st Place - Amarie Duran
People's Choice - Amarie Duran

Photography - "Back to Nature":
1st Place - Kevin Emswiler
2nd Place - Charles Ritz
3rd Place - Austin Keith
People's Choice - Kevin Emswiler

1st Place - Shayne Grier
2nd Place - Kacey Thunborg
3rd Place - Triston Garcia
People's Choice - Triston Garcia

Sidewalk Chalk Art
1st Place - Zane Lee
2nd Place - Krystal DiGiovanna
3rd Place - Kristen Ferguson
People's Choice - Krystal DiGiovanna


nmsf tablescapes contest

Photography- Back to Nature

nmsf photography back to nature

Quilt Contest

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