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Livestock Shows

2017 Livestock Premium Books are now available.

For information regarding the livestock department contact:
Beverly Zastrow
Livestock Manager

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2017 Livestock Show


The New Mexico State Fair and Fox NM would like to highlight the hard work and talents of the young men and women who participate in our livestock shows. We honor their tireless commitment to nurturing and raising animals. We hope to continue to share these good stories in years to come, including more of our local kids who compete in state fair agriculture events. If you or your business are interested in investing in the future for local 4H kids as a buyer in the upcoming Jr. Livestock Auction, please call Chris at (505) 660-2951 to learn more about how to participate.
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State Fair Spotlight on 4H- Ashlyn

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State Fair Spotlight on 4H- Lacie

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State Fair Spotlight on 4H- Jamie

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State Fair Spotlight on 4H- Juliana

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State Fair Spotlight on 4H- Colton

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