2023 NM State Fair Parade
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2023 NM State Fair Parade

The New Mexico State Fair Parade, long established as the biggest parade in the state, marshaled and assisted by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Posse is open to participation by anyone!

The parade will begin Saturday, September 9th at 8:30am at around Louisiana and Central, and will head west to Girard.

If you have any questions concerning entries please call us at (505) 222-9700

2023 Parade Application

Before filling out this application, please review the premium book above.


If none, type N/A
Parade Registration Fee
There is a $25.00 fee to reserve your spot in the New Mexico State Fair Parade.

I hereby certify that I am 18 years of age or older and am authorized to sign and consent to the provisions of this waiver on behalf of my New Mexico State Fair (“NMSF”) parade entry and all my entry’s participants.

In consideration of the entrant being allowed to participate in the NMSF parade, I hereby agree to the terms of this waiver and release.

I understand that NMSF, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Posse (“Sheriff’s Posse”) and other organizers and agents for the NMSF parade event make every reasonable effort to provide for the protection of parade participants and spectators. NMSF and Sheriff’s Posse assume no responsibility in connection with and make no representation as to the safety of any NMSF parade entry, in whole or in part, solely by reason of compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines.

I understand that participation in the NMSF parade may contain danger and risk of injury to entrants, participants, and the general public. I understand that the surface, access ways or lack thereof, lighting or lack thereof and weather conditions all change and may pose a danger to the participants and the viewers of the NMSF parade. I further understand that other contestants and participants may pose a danger. Nevertheless, I voluntarily accept all risks in connection with this entry and participation in the NMSF parade.

The entering organization and all of its participants that I represent agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the State of New Mexico, the NMSF, and all of its officers, agents and employees for all liabilities, loss or damage the NMSF may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs, fees and liabilities of any type of description whatsoever arising from the negligence, errors or omissions by the entering organization through their participation in the NMSF parade. Neither I nor the entering organization shall not be responsible to defend, hold harmless or indemnify the Fair and the State of New Mexico for any liability to the extent such liability caused by wrongful acts, errors or omissions of the NMSF, the State of New Mexico or their employees. At all times the liability of the NMSF is governed by the provisions of the New Mexico Tort Claims Act.

I recognize that marketing of the NMSF and its grounds requires use of photography and video. I hereby expressly grant to the NMSF the irrevocable, assignable right and license to take, use, and publish images of participants of the entering organization or property without the need for any other approval. I also release the NMSF, its agents or assigns, from all claims related to the licenses that have been granted in this release.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I hereby agree to the waiver and release above

Registration and payment is due by Friday, August 29, 2023.

2022 Parade Winners

1. Riding Class 1a
1st - Albuquerque Police Department
2nd - Valencia County Sheriff Posse

2. School Bands
1st - Robertson High School Red Wave Pride Band

3. Drill Teams
1st - Baila Baila
2nd - Rise Up Dance Academy

4. Cheerleaders
1st - ASE Spirit Club
2nd - Dancing Divas Performing Group

1st - Albuquerque High School
2nd - Belen High School

6. Non-School Marching Band
1st - Bernalillo County 4-H
2nd - Native Navajo Teacher
3rd - NM State 4-H Leadership

7. Non-School Bands
1st - Nation Native American Youth Coalition
2nd - New Mexico Shriners
3rd - Miss Revenge and Taking Over Car Club

Vehicles Class 9a
1st - Sentinel Fire Safety
2nd - 1976 Monte Carlo
3rd - Lasforingas Truck Club NM

Vehicles Class 9b
1st - Kathleen Jackson District 19 House of Representatives
2nd - 1990 Lincoln Town Car

Vehicles Class 9c
1st - Los Lunas Fire Department
2nd - Lazar Rock Car Art

Vehicles Class 9d Lowriders
1st - APD Low Rider Club
2nd - Downlow Queens Car Club
3rd - Strolling Low Car Club

Vehicles Class 9e Motorcycles
1st NM State Police Motorcycles

Vehicles Class 9f Bicycles
1st - BikeABQ

Vehicles Class 9g Military Vehicles
1st - NM Roadrunner Convoy
2nd - USSVI Bullhead Base

Vehicles Class 9h Tractors
1st - South Valley Heritage Tractors
2nd - Rangewood Reclaimers

Vehicles Class 9i Floats
1st - NM State Rodeo
2nd - Santa Fe State Penitentiary Corrections
3rd - Coldwell Banker Legacy

6. Queens and Royalty Class 10b
1st - NM Cinderella Scholarship Pageant
2nd - Miss Indian New Mexico INC
3rd - Miss NM Beauty Latina Pageant
Theme Award: Orbit
Judges Award: Color Guard
Fantasy Award: Baila Baila!
Grand Marshal Award: Ninja Warriors
Governors Award: State Police
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