Antique Cars & Classic Tractors Show - September 8
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Antique Cars & Classic Tractors Show - September 8

White wall tires, chrome details and polished back paint, these American classics will remind you why we love cars. The State Fair celebrating over 80 years, which is about as old as the Model A’s. There will even be a few Model T’s that are 100 years old at this Antique Car Show. The Vintage Tractors.

2024 Model T's, Model A's, Early Ford V8's, Antique Cars and Classic Tractors Show Application

Please provide a photo of the vehicle you are entering

Please arrive early in the morning, prior to 8:30AM.

Park your entry and set up ropes and stands as soon as possible. Check in with the show chairman or person-in-charge.

Must be ready to show by 9:00AM; this static display will remain in place until the exit time, 3:00PM, unless directed otherwise.

When your entry is parked it will not be started until we are ready to leave.

Exiting will happen at 3:00PM, at the direction of the New Mexico State Fair safety staff in cooperation with the New Mexico State Police.

No raffles or selling of anything. Do not play loud music.

You are allowed to bring lawn chairs and anything to make it comfortable for your time at the entry. Please no alcohol. You can bring your own personal ice coolers but out-of-site or access to the public.

I agree to the terms and conditions
Registration is due no later than July 26, 2024 or until it fills up.

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