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2020 Cancellation


Why has the 2020 New Mexico State Fair been cancelled?

Why couldn’t the fair be postponed to later in the year?

Why cancel now?

Who made the decision to cancel?

Will there still be a carnival, or horse races, or concerts or livestock shows on a limited basis?

What if I already bought tickets to this year’s fair?

I’m a season ticket holder, will my seats be held for the 2021 State fair?

Will there be any 4-H shows?

Will there be a 2021 New Mexico State Fair?

Will there be events on the Fairgrounds moving forward?

My question is not answered here. Can I contact someone directly at the New Mexico State Fair?

General Information

What are the State Fair hours?

Where is the State Fair located?

How do I contact the State Fair?

What are the theme days of the State Fair?

Are motorized wheelchairs, scooters or strollers available to rent at the State Fair?

Can I bring in food or drinks?

Is smoking permitted on the fairgrounds?

Are pets allowed?

Are firearms or other weapons allowed on State Fair property when attending events?

What kind of security personnel patrols the State Fair?

Where are first aid services located at the State Fair?

What if someone gets lost at the State Fair?

Where is the lost and found located at the State Fair?

What should I do during inclement weather?

Are Recreational Scooter Allowed?


Can I purchase admission tickets online?

How much is general admission?

Are group discounts available?

What are the deals & discounts for this year's State Fair?

Getting Here and Parking

What is the best way to get to the State Fair?

Where should I park?

Where is handicap parking located?

Are there ride sharing/ drop off options to get to the State Fair?

Can I ride my bike to the State Fair?

Is there off-site parking available at the State Fair?

Things To Do

How can I keep up with what’s happening at the fair in real time?

Where can I find the results of the State Fair competitions?

Where do I find the schedule of activities?

When is the state fair parade?

What is the parade route?

When is the Junior Livestock Sale?

Carnival Midway Rides

What are Mega Passes?

What is the height requirement for the midway rides?

Where do I buy wristbands or credits?

What type of rides are at the New Mexico State Fair?

Concerts and Rodeo

What is the concert schedule?

Does purchasing tickets to the concert and rodeo include admission to the State Fair?

Can I buy season tickets to the entire New Mexico State Fair concert and rodeo series?

How can I purchase concert and rodeo tickets?

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