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Unique Food Competition

Unique Foods 2019
Unique Foods Competition

One of the most popular events of the annual New Mexico State Fair. The Unique Foods Contest provides an opportunity for fair food vendors to compete among themselves to be crowned the reigning champion of creative culinary delights, which is no small task considering the vast array of delicious and unique cuisine options enjoyed by patrons each year at the New Mexico State Fair.

2019 Unique Foods Competition

2019 Unique Foods Winners: Fried Fantasy & Yellow Man

Last Year's Entries

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Oreo Ice Cream Taco – Fried Fantasy (Winner)
A deep fried Mexican pastry stuffed with creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with 3 Oreo cookies, real whip cream followed by a drizzle of Oreos.

Fisherman’s Sandwich – Yellowman Frybread (Winner)
Warm fry bread cooked to perfection covered in fresh chopped lettuce topped with a splendid mixture of imitation crab meat and creamy sauce.

Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Dog – Makin Bacon
An all-beef hot dog stuffed with cheddar cheese and cream cheese placed inside a jalapeno then wrapped in bacon and deep fried to perfection. Served on a hoagie roll.

Crawfish Eggrolls – Gaters & Taters
An original blend of cream cheese, fresh cabbage, sweet julienne carrots, and mouthwatering crawfish, hand rolled into an Asian rice paper and sealed with an egg wash then deep fried to a perfect golden brown, and served with a sweet and spicy Thai dipping sauce.

Deep Fried Green Chile Cheese Steak – Giovanni’s
8oz of thinly sliced top sirloin steak cooked with our house vegetables, topped with both white American and cheddar sauce, hot green chile is added to the mix then rolled into a tortilla and deep fried to perfection.

Red Chile Brownie Pie – Asbury Pie Café
This pie is a thick fudge brownie in a single pie crust with a New Mexico twist. Bite through the crispy crust into the gooey center, and wait for the heat. Have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a fire and ice experience.

Carne Asada Tornado – Quesadas New Mexico Food
A waffle cone with nacho cheese, a layer of carne asada steak and fresh roasted green chiles cooked to perfection, our chipotle, followed by another layer of nacho cheese, carne asada steak and fresh roasted green chiles cooked to perfection, our chipotle, and finally finished off with pico de gallo.

Chocolate Chip Green Chile Cheeseburger – Rex’s Hamburgers
Ground beef patty grilled to perfection, hot zesty green chile and American cheese between two golden brown chocolate chip cookies.
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